We are building this site to present the information on the various Social Media Options out there. Our desire is to provide a place that compares the many choices that currently exist and educate the general public as to what choices they have as far as social media and their internet social life.

*in the interest of FULL OPEN DISCLOSURE the owners of this site own and operate several social media, classified, dating, event, gig, and email sites. All under GTKYF TECH Program of   GTKYF Foundation Inc The Social Media Platform is a program of  GTKYF TECH Group a part of GTKYF Foundation Inc. A Non Government Organization, aka a “NGO” who’s mission is farms, food, families, and freedom. These social media and other platforms are designed to promote freedom, strong local economies, and community.

So, Stay tuned as we discuss the many social media aspects that present themselves.






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