Just like a $100 box of cheap candy hearts or an artificial bouquet of flowers, corporate online dating is a veneer hiding an ugly world of mercenary commerce. It’s the online equivalent of forcing somebody to hawk roses in a grimy alley somewhere.


By contrast, our Dating Platform aims to offer a free, grassroots and egalitarian venue for relationships to naturally grow. Many people don’t want to meet people at the bar or at church. They feel isolated from others, and their daily lives are fundamentally lonely. We strive to connect people of a like mindedness, passion, and intensity.



We offer an easy way to work against that isolation in a way that doesn’t collect your private data, coerce you into paying a lot of money, or make you jump through a lot of hoops in ways that suit a corporate interest. Take a look at our Dating Platforms many sites to meet that special person, that shares that common interest.