That’s the difference between plastic artificial networking and real grassroots networking. One model wants to enable individuals to make their own rules and chart their own progress through the virtual world. The other model wants to harness people’s social inclinations in order to make money and monopolize the public space.


We’ve seen it all now – we’ve seen the corrosive impact of town Facebook pages that got out of control. We’ve seen the Russian bots and the pay per click campaigns, and the corporate wrangling over the rules when it comes to working with user data. We’ve even seen the one single giant of the social media world make a play to launch its own cryptocurrency, in order to consolidate its stranglehold on the American public.


Now think about that. Is that networking?


Networking at its core is just about people. And they’re talking. That’s what it is. Let’s bring networking back to the old BBS days and away from corporate mass media to have a greater measure of agency in our lives.

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