The world of social media is ever changing and so are the appetites of those who are connoisseurs  of this diverse world.



No matter the root of one’s heritage or the societal heritage from which one has Social Mediadeveloped the outlook on your world. In today’s world of tech Social Media has replaced many of the one on one connections and relationships people of generations before relished. Many people today have relationships that are entirely virtual. Meaning they have never actually met those they interact with on a  day to day basis online in a real personal face to face meeting. The Social Media world has even coined a phrase “IRL” that stands for “in Real Life”. Meaning that enough people that use social media have had to define those they know in real life verses those they know in the virtual world. What a way to put a stifle on real world relationships. Relationships that are the core of human relations. No wonder we live in a world that in general is comprised of many lonely people. Lacking human interaction, less the digital world. 

Along with the aspect of people having solely digital relationships, those who operate these sites and technology have gained access to an immense amount of data on each and every one of us. This data they buy and sell much like tangible information of days gone by. This data is what they use to target very specific advertising and even corhersing the world of more stuff into our daily lives. In an effort by many to fill the void that all of this disconnection and loneliness has created. The big tech companies place zero value on our privacy, information, or wellbeing. Other than us as a number from which to mine data to sell, and use to sell to. In the name of corporate greed, and chasing the never ending desire of money. 




The world of social media is ever changing and so are the appetites of those who are connoisseurs  of this diverse world. We are building a world of technology based products that provide a better way.


Through the Social Media Platform of our parent program we are striving to cater to many of the underserved niches in this tech arena. In a fashion that is not only respectful of those who use it but carries its weight financially. Yet, protecting the users data at all costs. We do not sell your data – EVER! Our advertisements are more of a highway billboard concept. Like those on the physical highways in your local community. Advertisements targeted at a general number of vehicles (viewers / users) in a specific geographic area. But, NOT using any other form of data mining or targeting. As well as we will  NEVER sell your personal information.

This sets our platforms apart from the current tech giants like Facebook, Twitter, and even Linked In. We are owned by a Non Governmental Organization and DO NOT TAKE GOVERNMENT FUNDS! We are NON PROFIT, people who live our lives in accordance with our core beliefs. With passion and intensity to “be the change we want to see in our society”. We rely on donations, marketing, and sponsorship monies exclusively. We will NOT accept marketing money from groups or others that conflicts with our core beliefs. 


The world of social media is ever changing and so are the appetites of those who are connoisseurs  of this diverse world. So, that being said we have built and have up and running…


Our is our answer to the mainstream Social Media world. Our is ” a NEW Kinda Media”. That we have included integrated aspects of this site from a marketplace, a relationship (aka dating) aspect, a fundraising aspect,  a events aspect, and eventually an email and search engine aspect.  

In more of the niche  social media websites we have active  related to Activism, and Old World Skills. With many more coming online throughout this year.

Some of the areas we are opening up targeted social media to include homesteaders, off grid living, family farmers, and even targeted community specific sites. Make sure to LIKE, JOIN and SUBSCRIBE to these sites to keep up to date with all of these great developments. In addition, we plan to add the aspects of groups, media, even podcasting / vbloging to these platforms.