Now when we compare apples to apples we want to do so in all fairness. So, here there are to the best of what we have been able to come up with.

“…Thousands of writers covering tech history and users looking back at the last two decades have all submitted some pretty similar narratives – basically it goes like this – Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook from his dorm room. It was just for a few people, but it took off. Then it kept taking off, and eventually Facebook became a behemoth that now basically monopolizes our social media attention.” Read more

Facebook vs The Social Media Platform

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Twitter vs The Social Media Platform

“…LinkedIn is a great example – this social platform is now public, and has been for quite a while, but does that really reflect its value? Sure, the share price is up, and the company has a multi-billion-dollar market cap, but we know that equity value and market cap are not good indicators of whether something really has value or not.” Read more

LinkedIn vs The Social Media Platform